Ten more albums you might enjoy if you dig....


Autosalvage - s/t

Notes: Hmmm, here's another case where the some of the albums suggested by the Flat Earth Society are arguably stronger than the seed album itself. Certainly the Remains album is, though perhaps it is more garage than psych. The Earth Opera, BSU, Ultimate Spinach and H. P. Lovecraft albums are more adventurous though all have their stumbles. And the high points of the inconsistent second Eden's Children album are very high indeed - like the title track "Sure Looks Real", which has an awesome guitar sound. It was a bloody inconsistent scene, and Autosalvage out of New York illustrated that East Coast psych didn't need to suck....

Beacon Street Union - The Eyes of...
Earth Opera - s/t
Eden's Children - Sure Looks Real
H. P. Lovecraft - s/t
The Lost - Lost Tapes 1965-1966
Orpheus - The Best of Orpheus
Phluph - s/t
The Remains - s/t
Ultimate Spinach - s/t
By Dragontemplelane