Being a selective interactive history of the Ptolemaic Terrascope, with some explanatory notes by the editor, Phil McMullen





PT1 - May 1989 (also known as Volume 1 Number 1).

Contents: Bevis Frond, Flyte Reaction, Outskirts of Infinity, Twink, Green Pajamas.

Inserts: "The Scrapbook" (A4 double sided sheet) cover, and inside vintage cuttings from 1970s UK music papers including Traffic, Moby Grape, Geranium Pond, Robin & Barry Dransfield, Trees and Shirley & Dolly Collins.

POT-1 7" EP featuring The Flyte Reaction - Carousel / Psychos Mum - I Don't Remember / Mick Wills - Untitled / The Bevis Frond - The 99th Very Last Time

Notes: Cover image and artwork throughout by the inimitable R.M. "Cyke" Bancroft, who created each issue from scratch on blank boards with the words and artwork pasted on. I'd send him the text printed into columns (galleys is the technical term) and Cyke cut it up and assembled it on his kitchen table.



PT-2 - September 1989 (also known as Volume 1 Number 2)

Contents: Spirit, Wipers, High Tide, Adrian Shaw, Bevis Frond, Walkingseeds.

Inserts: (a) Scrapbook of cuttings (b) Blue A4 sheet including do-it-yourself labels for the POT-1 and POT-2 EPs [both included at end]

POT-2 7" Adrian Shaw - Paths Of Time / The Outskirts Of Infinity - Eyes In The Back Of My Head / Pete Pavli - Cello Piece / The Walkingseeds - Gates Of Freedom / Pete Pavli - Time Centre





PT3 - January 1990 (also known as Volume 1 Number 3)

Contents: the Rolling Stones (Charlie Watts), XTC, Spirit, Tangle Edge, Ectomorph, Bevis Frond, Twink.

Inserts: Scrapbook of cuttings [included at end]

POT-3 7" The Ectomorph - Diverse Humours / The Bevis Frond - Somewhere Else / Tangle Edge - The Pinworm Era / Rustic Rod - Rest Assured




PT4 - May 1990 (also known as Volume 1 Number 4)

Contents: Edgar Broughton, Barry Dransfield, Captain Sensible, Flaming Lips, Walkingseeds, Dave Stewart, Utopian Fields, Spirit, Bevis Frond.

Print run: 1800 copies printed. 307 copies mailed out to subscribers on 12th May 1990.

Inserts: Scrapbook of cuttings [included at end]

POT-4 7" Barry Dransfield - Be Your Own Man / Green Pajamas - My Photographs / Todd Dillingham - Lament / Flyte Reaction - Won't Be Long




PT5 - September 1990 (also known as Volume 2 Number 1)

Contents: Pete Brown, Blue Cheer, Dead Moon, Man, Barry Dransfield, Spirit, Dave Stewart, Napalm Beach, Audio Murphy, Bevis Frond, Green Pajamas.

Print run: 1500 copies printed. We were over 100 copies short of the number required. Subscription copies mailed out on 10th September 1990.

Inserts: Scrapbook of cuttings [included at end]

POT-5 7" Phil Shöenfelt - Devil's Hole / Dead Moon - Walking On My Grave / Audio Murphy - Ask Don't Get / Napalm Beach - Pugsley

Notes: Title Page says "Issue Four" - this is in fact issue five






PT6 - January 1991 (also known as Volume 2 Number 2)

Contents: Current 93, John Cipollina, Cliff Richard, Vietnam Veterans, Man, Dave Stewart, Galaxie 500.

Print run: 2300 copies printed. 389 copies were mailed out to subscribers on 20th January, 1991. A second print run of 500 copies took place on 8th February 1991.

POT6 Randy California - American Society / Current 93 - Broken Birds Soar / Randy California - The Whale Song
Inserts: Scrapbook of cuttings [included at end]

Notes: Artist Cyke Bancroft was entering a "dark period", and the style of the magazine followed suit. Spot the hand-written marginalia which became such a feature of the Terrascope at this time!




PT7 - May 1991 (also known as Volume 2 Number 3)

Contents: Groundhogs (Tony McPhee), Legendary Pink Dots, Curved Air, Jerry Donahue, Trees, Marshmallow Overcoat, Man, Sundial, Van Der Graaf Generator.

Print run: 2000 copies printed. 448 copies mailed out to subscribers on 14th May 1991.

Inserts: Scrapbook of cuttings [included at end]

CATATONIC PERISCOPE EP (POT7) Tony T.S. McPhee - Meet Me In The Bottom / The (Marshmallow) Overcoat - Cinderella / Bevis Frond - Countdown Theme / Sundial - Slow Motion / Dave Jaxon - Hazard Dream Sequence

Notes: Advertised with this issue was 'The Woronzow Bag' - 250 printed plastic record bags containing signed LPs by the Ectomorph & the Flyte Reaction plus a 7" EP featuring 'Savage God' by the Ectomorph and 'Ceremony of the Sea' by Flyte Reaction (catalogue number WOO 14 and a bit).



PT8 - August 1991 (also known as Volume 2 Number 4)
Contents: Nurse With Wound, H.P. Lovecraft, Van der Graaf Generator, The Badgeman, Davey Graham, Alan Moore, Caravan, Man, Jamie Muir, Incredible String Band, Proteus Lights.
Print run: 2500 copies printed. 485 copies mailed out to subscribers on 27th August, 1991.

MNEMONIC FIRE ESCAPE EP (POT8) Richard Sinclair - Keep On Caring / Nurse With Wound - Red Flipper / The Underworlde - Raw Satellite Country

Inserts: Scrapbook of cuttings [included at the end]




PT9 - January 1992 (also known as Volume 3 Number 1)

Contents: Robert Wyatt, Help Yourself, The Troggs, Clark Hutchinson, Ant Bee, Alan Moore, Glenn Phillips, Mandragora.

Print run: 2500 copies printed. 606 subscription copies mailed out on 27th January 1992.

Inserts: Scrapbook of cuttings [included at end]

TECTONIC PTOLESCOPE EP (POT9) Mick Hutchinson - Ragamag / Mandragora - Untitled / Robert Wyatt - Piano Piece / Green Pajamas - Emily Grace


PT10 - April 1992 (also known as Volume 3 Number 2)

Contents: Shirley Collins, Hawkwind, Kaleidoscope (US), Tractor, Cul De Sac, Dr. Brown, Glenn Phillips, Gordon Haskell, Mooseheart Faith, Help Yourself, The Nice.

Print run: 2500 copies printed. 636 copies mailed out to subscribers on 24th April 1992.
GIN & TONIC BATHYSCOPE EP (POT-10) Shirley Collins - The Blacksmith / Mooseheart Faith - Soul Train Of Thought / The Grooveyard - Czechoslovakian Moomin / Dr Brown - Across The Border
Inserts: Scrapbook of cuttings [included at end]




PT11 - July 1992 (also known as Volume 3 Number 3)

Contents: Kaleidoscope (US), Robin Trower, Iain Matthews, Yardbirds, Big Brother, Hampton Grease Band, Magic Mushroom Band, Arthur Lee.

Print run: 2500 copies printed. 661 copies mailed out to subscribers on 23rd July 1992.

Inserts: Scrapbook of cuttings [included at end]

THE EMBRYONIC STETHOSCOPE EP (POT-11) - Iain Matthews - Rains of 62 / Magic Mushroom Band - Hubbly Bubbly / Cul De Sac - K / Jim McCarty - Goin' Down.




PT12 - November 1992 (also known as Volume 3 Number 4)

Contents: Patto, Martin Carthy, White Heaven, Mothers of Invention, John Kirkpatrick, The Daily Flash, Rutles, Monomen, Pavlov's Dog, Cerebral Corps, Alchemysts, Simon House.

Print run: 1500 copies printed. 757 copies mailed out to subscribers on 22nd November 1992.

Inserts: Scrapbook of cuttings [included at end]

THE MISANTHROPIC DUFFLECOAT EP (POT-12) - Kaleidoscope - I'm A Hog For You Babe & Little Orphan Annie / White Heaven - Silver Current / Alchemysts - Blind Side




PT13 - April 1993 (also known as Volume 4 Number 1)

Contents: Noel Redding, Andy Roberts, Mothers of Invention, Ed Kuepper, Loud Family, Popealopes, Michael Quercio, Medicine Ball, Laughing Trees, Walkabouts, Gas Huffer.

Print run: 2500 copies printed. Subscription copies mailed out on 26th April 1993.

Inserts: Scrapbook of cuttings [included at end]

HARRYCONNICK KENNETHCOPE EP (POT-13) - Ant Bee - Lunar Egg Clips / Laughing Trees - Reason Misguided / Andy Roberts - Picnic & Home At Last / The (Noel) Redding Factor - Video Show


PT14 - August 1993 (also known as Volume 4 Number 2)
Contents: Viv Stanshall, the Shadows, Jefferson Airplane, Kaleidoscope (UK), the Mothers of Invention, Dean Carter, the Ramones, Alice's Orb, Jane Pow, Evergreen Dazed, Young Fresh Fellows, Ghost, the Wall of Sleep.

POOMASTER RECEPTICAL EP (Pot-14) - The Wall of Sleep - Slacker / The Sidekicks - Lookin' For A Woman / Medicine Ball - Roomis d'Gloomis / Jane Pow - Cycles.

Inserts: Scrapbook of cuttings [included at end]

Notes: After 4 years, this was the first issue produced at what was to become our home address for the next 25 years





PT15 - December 1993 (also known as Volume 4 Number 3)

Contents: Paul McCartney, Paul Kantner, the Soft Boys, Marble Sheep, Plummet Airlines, Fairfield Parlour, Mike Gunn, the Kinks, Strapping Fieldhands, Anglagard, Tom Rapp, Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks.

Print run: 1900 copies printed.

Inserts: Scrapbook of cuttings [included at end]

THE PIMPS TOE ACCELERATOR EP (POT-15) - The Mike Gunn - Primal Burp / Strapping Fieldhands - Just Too Much / Pearls Before Swine - Transluscent Carriages (alt. version) / Macbeth/The Cowboy Who Ate Vietnam (unreleased) / Ring Thing (alt. version).

Notes: Subscription copies were mailed out 23rd December 1993 - some actually arrived on Christmas Eve.




PT16 - May 1994 (also known as Volume 4 Number 4) Contents: Velvet Underground, Them, Show of Hands, Red Chair Fadeaway, Jefferson Airplane, Dan Hicks, Tom Rapp, Wizz Jones, Family, 11th Dream Day, Flying Saucer Attack, Blossom Toes, Guided by Voices.

Print run: 1st run: 2500 copies printed (350 less than we had orders for). 2nd run: 500. Subscription copies mailed out 3rd May, 1994.

Inserts: This was the final time a scrapbook of cuttings [included at the end] was included, completing the set that started with issue 1.

THE POLITE CREAM TEA CORPS EP (POT-16) - Flying Saucer Attack - All About Dreams / Guided By Voices - Chicken Blows / Anglagard -Ganglat Fran Knapptibble.

Notes: This was the very last issue to feature original Cyke Bancroft artwork, ending a run of 5 years and four different cover designs. The cover for issue 16 is actually the cover for issue 13 recycled.

Flying Saucer Attack made a bespoke sleeve for the POT-16 EP; only 25 copies of the magazine were sent out with this included though.





Contents: David Ackles, Band of Susans, Nick Kent, Arthur Lee, Fiona Joyce, Blossom Toes, Prisonshake, Simon Nicol, Skooshny, Flamin' Groovies, Mick Farren, Jefferson Airplane.

Print run: 2000 copies printed. Subscription copies mailed out 20th September 1994.

THE PROSTATE CARE POLEMIC EP (POT-17) - Bevis Frond - Off My Shoes / Fiona Joyce - Trees / Crome Syrcus - The Weather Report / Skooshny - Appetite for Mystery.

Notes: Artwork and paste-up by Nick Saloman. The cover art owes a nod of ackowledgment to the Jefferson Airplane's 'Crown of Creation'! The "volume" concept was changed to a straightforward issue number at this time, and the scrapbook discontinued.




PT18 - MARCH 1995

Contents: Tiny Tim, Robyn Hitchcock, Celibate Rifles, Episode Six, Steve Wynn, Gene Parsons, Roy Harper, Paul Roland, Dave Swarbrick, Arthur, Smell of Incense.

THE LACE TRAPPIST ROE COME EP (POT-18) - Tiny Tim - Devil May Care & Tiptoe Thru The Tulips (live) / Robyn Hitchcock - Creatures of Light & As Lemons Drop

Notes: There aren't too many publications in which you'd find David Tibet from Current 93 interviewing Tiny Tim! Sadly not everyone saw the funny side - we lost at least one American subscriber for daring to feature Tiny Tim in a psychedelic magazine. Cover art once again by Nick Saloman, with new recruit Davina Ware crafting some of the headings.





Contents: Moby Grape, Pete Sears, Michael Chapman, Reverb, National Heroes, Bevis Frond, St. Mikael, The Lyres, The Flat Earth Society, Episode 6, The Wellwater Conspiracy, Frank Zappa.

Print run: 1900 copies printed. Subscription copies mailed out on 11th October 1995.

A METAL CREEP'S PORTICO EP (POT-19) - Wellwater Conspiracy: Germanium, Telescopic & The Solar Know / The Roots Of Echo - As Time Goes By

Notes: This was the first edition put together by our new artist Davina Ware. Davina was to make the magazine her own over the next six years, with a style which became symbolic of the Terrascope to many.



PT20 - APRIL 1996

Contents: Julian Cope, Mighty Baby, Jessamine, The Spacious Mind, Sundial, Moby Grape, The Olivia Tremor Control, The Marilyn Decade, Brother J.T.

Print run: 2200 copies printed. Subscription copies mailed out 22nd April, 1996.

MEAT PIE TOECLOTH SCRAPER EP (POT-20) - Sundial - Fairground / Mayo Thompson - Woof / Jessamine - Live @ Off The Record / Brother J.T. - Slowly

Notes: This was the issue that launched the 'Succour' double compilation CD, the result of a year or more of fundraising to help save the Terrascope from financial ruin.






Contents: the Beatles (Pete Best), Bridget St. John, Sonic Boom, The Grifters, Moby Grape, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Nazz, Porcupine Tree, Dead C, Guru Guru

MASTER PETE CAPITOL AND HIS MAGIC EP (POT-21) - The Hampton Grease Band - Upper and Lower Dresden / Neutral Milk Hotel - untitled / Tom Rapp - Blind

Notes: The Record Offer this issue was a CD entitled 'Audible Rumbles', our second CD compilation. Featuring exclusive tracks from the Hampton Grease Band, Baby Lemonade, Bevis Frond, Man, Tom Rapp, Das Weeth Experience, the Outskirts of Infinity, Moosheart Faith, Flying Saucer Attack, Magic Hour and White Heaven it remains my favourite of all the compilations we ever put together.




PT22 - FEBRUARY 1997

Contents: The Silver Apples, Roy Montgomery, Richard Davies, The Mandrake Memorial, The Outsiders, Warser Gate, Witch Hazel, The Shadows.

Print run: 2500 copies printed. Subscription copies mailed out 24th February 1997.

THE TOASTIER LEPER CAMP CO. EP (POT-22) - Roy Montgomery - Liverpool 82 / Tangle Edge - Hesperus / The Silver Apples - Parkinmeter Mojo / Witch Hazel - Farewell to Cheyenne




PT 23 - July 1997 featuring interviews with Hood, Damon & Naomi, Peter Green, Bert Jansch, Randy California, the Monks, Barbara Manning and the 50 Foot Hose

Print run: 2500 copies printed. Subscription copies mailed out 17th July 1997.

THE COMPLETE SEPIA CARROT EP (POT-23) - Alastair Galbraith - Flickering Too / Fifty Foot Hose - Bad Trip / Hood - You Should Never Be Alone In This World / CJT - Jazzshite / Damon & Naomi - Spirit of Love / The Monks - I Can't Get Over You

Notes: I often think of this issue as "peak Terrascope". Put together while we still bathed in the glow of a successful first Terrastock festival, it features an absolutely incredible line-up of acts both on the cover and on the EP. The reviews columns are worth looking back on as well, with innumerable artists mentioned who would go on to become vital elements of the scene.



PT24 - JANUARY 1998 Contents: Electric Prunes, Guided by Voices, The Misunderstood, The Lazily Spun, Cosmic Invention, Karl Precoda, Pelt, and Salamander.

THE TERMINAL SPIN EP (POT-24) - Guided by Voices - Scorpion Lounge Shutdown / The Lazily Spun - Old Guy / Electric Prunes - Hideaway / Pelt - Zincmine

Notes: This was the last issue to feature a vinyl EP - the Terrascope included a CD from issue 25 inwards.

Davina Ware, the artist during this period, was under strict instructions from Phil not to feature any "mushrooms, pixies or other hippy nonsense". Careful study of the tree on the front cover will reveal numerous mushrooms and pixies hidden amongst the leaves!




PT25 - AUGUST 1998

Contents: The Savage Resurrection, Stars of the Lid, Atman, Can, Green Pajamas, Country Joe McDonald, Zumpano, Rhombus of Doom, Gomez.

THE DAWN OF A NEW ERA CD (POT-25) - Mick Hutchinson & The Magic Dragon - Summer Jam / The Wellwater Conspiracy - My Own Personal Ladder To The Moon / Country Joe & The Frond - Bass Strings (live) / Zumpano - The Mods of Christmas Town / Rhombus of Doom - Unlimited Intelligence / The Green Pajamas / Dim Phantoms of an Unknown Ill / Dipsomaniacs - Consume / Alphane Moon - Terra Adamica / The Lazily Spun - A Puce Moment / Warser Gate - Shut Eye / Stone Breath - Listen, Listen (agape mix) / The Kitchen Cynics - Burning Toast / The Last Days of May - Von Datesman Express / Atman - Live in Bechatow

Notes: issue 25, being our 1/4 century issue, featured the same R.M. Bancroft cover artwork used for issue 1; however the artwork throughout the magazine was by Davina Ware.




PT26 - FEBRUARY 1999

Contents:The Magic Band, Linus Pauling Quartet, Steamhammer, Stone Breath, the Doors, the Kinks, Supreme Dicks, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.

THE 26th COMMANDMENT CD (POT-26) - Pat Orchard - Jacob / Fit & Limo - Open Scene / Linus Pauling Quartet - Cole Porter / The Sanctions - You Can Help Yourself / Mirza - A Bower in The Arsacides / The Conrad Hopkins Set - Theme For An Unwritten Spy / The Supreme Dicks - The Mighty Euphrades 1247 BC / Simeon & The Alchemysts - Oscillator Manual / Kieran White - Hummingbird / The Flyte Reaction - 3 O'clock / Azusa Plane - Implications of Holomovement / Hood - For A Moment, Lost / Pat Orchard - Answers On A Postcard / The Loud Family - Asleep and Awake on the Man's Freeway / The Green Pajamas - Emma is Crying




PT27 - AUGUST 1999

Contents: David Ackles, Windy & Carl, Vortex Navigation Co., Eyeless in Gaza, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band part 2, the Webb Brothers, Hawkwind (Dave Brock), and Nikki Sudden.

IT'S THE BIG ONE (POT-27) CD featuring Nikki Sudden with the Mandragora Lightshow Society - Big Store / Sandra Bell - Willow / The Lucky Bishops - Gone is the Sad Man / Windy & Carl - At Ascension / Pop-Off Tuesday - Inner Dead Point / Bari Watts - You Want Change For Your Re-Run / Doldrums - J’ai Obtenu Mon Sang Change En Suisse / Martyn Bates - The Wayward Love / Abunai! with Barbara Manning - Dock Ellis / The Lothars - Twisted Calliope / Me - Where I Came From / The Vortex Navigation Company - Green Pyramid (The Big Day Turns) / The Lucky Bishops - Cow Statue

Notes: Subscribers received a £10 discount coupon for the Terrastock 3 festival (London) with this issue.



PT28 - FEBRUARY 2000

Contents: Kinks (Dave Davies), Captain Beefheart, Mac Macleod, Charles Shaar Murray, Six Organs of Admittance, Deviants, Indian Bingo, Pins, Arco.

THIS IS POT (POT-28) CD featuring Six Organs of Admittance - Lament for Summer / Deviants - Lurid Night (live) / Soft Cloud - Time Machine / Mac Macleod - Codeine / Wellwater Conspiracy - What Become of the Clock / Pins - Brittle Starling / Pangolin - The Sea / Greg Weeks - For Chan / The Virgineers - Smile, Cheshire Cat / Donovan's Brain - Days Playing / Help Yourself - Eating Duneburgers, Honey Please and Miss Grace

Notes: This remains one of my favourites of all our CD compilations.






PT29 - NOVEMBER 2000 Contents: John Mayall, Small Faces, Greg Weeks, Faust, Disposmaniacs, Mac Macleod, Scenic, Flying Saucer Attack, Abunai!, Iain Sinclair.

THE POT MACHINE TURNS YOU ON CD (POT-29) featuring John Cipollina's Raven - Unvicious Circle / Ring - Be Peaceful People / Mac Macleod - South Coast / Abunai! - Willo Bend / Broken Dog - Will There Be Drinks? / Crazy Alien - Cause & Effect / Greg Weeks - Sleep Softly, Children / The Lucky Bishops - Sleuth / Vic Conrad & The First Third - Emily & Liam / Flying Saucer Attack - Land's End / Scenic - Year of the Rat / The Bevis Frond - Silver / Man with John Cipollina - Bananas


During 2000 the Terrascope was flying. Newly appointed reviews editor Steve Hanson had hit the ground running; Davina's artwork was just incredible, causing me to up my game in an attempt to match it; and the list of contributors includes pretty much all of the finest writers of their time: Nigel Cross, Byron Coley, Colin Hill, Jud Cost, Fred Mills - and the late, great Lee Jackson and Tony Dale. What could possibly go wrong? Sadly, I did. Not only did the next issue (30) take an age to publish, but the next two read today like a catalogue of my failing mental health.





PT30 - JUNE 2001

Contents: Bardo Pond, The Lucky Bishops, Its A Beautiful Day, Jeff Nuttall, Gary Marker, Subarachnoid Space, Vashti Bunyan, The Minus 5, Mirza, Soft Machine.

A POT BY ANY OTHER NAME... (POT-30) CD featuring Lucky Bishops - Time of the Season / Soft Boys - Insanely Jealous / Donovan's Brain - 22 Lost Marbles / Vashti Bunyan - 17 Pink Sugar Elephants / Gadsby & Skol - Fools like You / The SandPebbles - The Big V / Warser Gate - Faces Blunt / Quicksilver Messenger Service - The Fool / Bardo Pond - Another Place / Tony Hill - Naked Ape / Thuja - Jewelled Antler / thebrotheregg - Negative Space / Subarachnoid Space - Delayed Gratification




PT31 - FEBRUARY 2002

Contents: Paul McCartney and Wings, Acid Mothers Temple, Amber Asylum, Bardo Pond, Keith Christmas, Circulus, Clientele, Delicate AWOL, Will Sergeant/Glide, the Hollies, Michio Kurihara and The Minders.

Print run: there were two, with different covers. Pictured is the second edition.

GET YER POTS OUT (POT-31) - Acid Mothers Temple - Flying G Spot / Kinski - My New Worry / Mary Jane - Blackwaterside / Bardo Pond - Living Testament / Circulus - Music Plays In The Air / The Minders - The Familiar's Song / Amber Asylum - Sopor / Holy River Family Band - Bear Mountain / Liquid Zoo - Diamond Chains and House On The Hill / Damon and Naomi with Kurihara - Eye of the Storm (live) / Discolor - Golden Tops On Stellar Plane / Arkron Daraul - Horsing & The Damned French

Notes: I was literally and figuratively barely with it for this issue - the majority of it is the work of the late, great Tony Dale







PT32 - OCTOBER 2002 Contents: Forest, Apples in Stereo, Kinski, Landing, Ultimate Spinach, Fantasyy Factoryy, Damo Suzuki, Peter Scion, Charalambides, Paik, The Iditarod, and Phosphene.

POT-32 CD featuring Paik - Purple / Jens Unossen - The Sea & The Willow Tree / Phosphene - And the Ship of Sunrise Burning / ST 37 - Cloud/Cattle / Peter Scion - Stone Song / Forest - Monday Morning / Forest - Spring Saga / Landing - In the Colors / The Iditarod - Sparrow / Charalambides - Song for Always / Surface of Eceon - Layer of Given Lustre to Clouds in the Seventh Sky / Fantasyy Factoryy - Phobia / Saint Joan - December

Notes: Although only a few people realised it, this was my "back from the brink" issue. I'd been in a rough place mentally for a year or so, lost half my bodyweight and came close to becoming homeless & destitute. I also managed to destroy several friendships, including tragically that of Terrascope artist Davina Ware, an idiocy on my part which almost spelled the end of the magazine. Friends and family rallied round however and we were lucky to find several new contributors, including artist Iker Spozio, whose brilliant work was to define the look of the magazine for a whole new generation of readers over the next three years. The cover is by the inimitable Timothy Renner, who had also crafted several Terrastock festival posters for us down the years.




PT33 - MARCH 2003

Contents: The Golden Dawn, Piano Magic, Destroy all Monsters, Cerberus Shoal, The Land of Nod, Dora Flood, Lol Coxhill, Mountain Goats, Terrastock 5, Rockette Morton, Quicksilver Diaries, and The Sandpebbles.

POT-33 CD featuring Bella - Katsimbalis / The Iditarod - Roots of the Butterfly Bush / The Land of Nod - Colli di Pedona / Monster Island - Dream of Nothing / Cerberus Shoal - A Hawaii that Does Exist / Comets on Fire - Beneath the Ice Age / Green Pajamas - The Haunted Dollhouse / Sharron Kraus - Seedless / Lol Coxhill - My Girl / the SandPebbles - Hanging Out / Davis Redford Triad - Spanish Flea Market / The Golden Dawn - My Time / Dora Flood - The View / Dora Flood - Echoes

Notes: This was sadly the last Timothy Renner cover design we used until 2016 when he stepped into design a new cover for the Terrascopaedia. For some odd reason we used the same red and silver colour scheme again just two issues later (PT35)






PT34 - JANUARY 2004 Contents: Electric Prunes, Lazily Spun, United States of America, Jennifer Gentle, Steve Wynn/Dream Syndicate, Eleventh Dream Day, Comets on Fire, Kaleidoscope (US), Jade, the Ill Wind, Steven Wray Lobdell, Clive Palmer, Verdure, Country Weather, and Quicksilver Messenger Service.

IT'S GONNA BE HOT IN THE CANNIBAL POT TONIGHT (POT-34) - CD featuring The Lazily Spun - Lipse of the Marchpane / In Gowan Ring - Caught Within the Tendrils of the Vine / Verdure - Albatross Times / Country Weather - Confusion / Country Weather - Ride With Me / Country Weather - I Am Getting Closer / Jennifer Gentle - Verde Mostro / Steve Wynn - Amphetamine / Jade - September Song / The Davis Redford Triad - Targets Of Opportunity / Steven Wray Lobdell - Montecore's Revenge / Pothole Skinny - Harnessed In the Catacombs / The Bevis Frond - Lifelike / The Bevis Frond - I Can't Get It Out Of My Mind

Notes: This was the first issue to feature Iker Spozio artwork throughout, and he delivered an absolute masterpiece. It was also the issue that introduced our new Reviews Editor, a post he was to make his own over the next 12 years, Simon Lewis. It's odd how the issues with brown and cream covers (issues 1, 10, 24 and 34) all seem to be strong personal favourites of mine; in this case, the amazing line-up of artists interviewed strike just the right balance between new acts and old, and the artwork and layout is just exquisite. It's a good job I loved it really as by now all the money was gone and I had to pay for this out of my own pocket - something Mr. Saloman, to his eternal credit, was repeatedly advising me to stop doing.




PT35 - DECEMBER 2004

Contents: Movietone, Sharron Kraus, In Gowan Ring, Jack Rose, Tarentel, Longstone, Mission of Burma, Nick Nicely, the Stooges and The Open Mind.

THIS WAY UP (POT-35) - CD featuring Nick Nicely’s X-Ray Orchestra - Psychotropian Dobbscape / The Green Pajamas - Black Velvet Cat / Jack Rose - Box of Pine / Longstone - Indochine / Thought Forms - Memento Memorii / In Gowan Ring - Listless Midnight / Help Yourself - Halfbreed / Steve Mackay & The Radon Ensemble - The Moment is Sinking #2 / The One Ensemble of Daniel Padden - We Tumble Each Time We Dance / The Bevis Frond - Why Have You Been Fighting Me? / Tarentel - Untitled / Grimble Grumble - Dose Lied

Notes: Finally I took notice of my friends and family and asked for help in the editorial with this issue. Former contributor Pat Thomas kindly stepped forward and was to produce just one more issue - Ptolemaic Terrascope issue 36.






Contents: Devendra Banhart, Shirley Collins, Davey Graham, Michael Chapman, Vashti Bunyan, Ron Ashton of The Stooges, Elaine Brown of The Black Panther Party.

CD with Rare/Unreleased Songs by: Doug Yule of the Velvet Underground, Kendra Smith, Barbara Manning, Six Organs of Admittance, Steven Roback of Rain Parade, Steve Wynn, Fern Knight, Ruthann Friedman, Shirley Collins, Davey Graham, Normanoak And others….

Issue 36 was published in the USA in October 2007. Editor/Publisher: Pat Thomas Layout: Jozef Becker (formerly of Thin White Rope) Illustrations: Stacie Willoughby Cover Photo: Alissa Anderson

Notes: Not included here as I'm not too sure who owns the copyright - presumably Pat Thomas