Terrastock UK

Hello, and welcome to TERRASTOCK III, also known as TERRASTOCK UK, the London Ptolemaic Perambulation.

Terrastock III took place the weekend of August 27th, 28th and 29th 1999 at the ULU (the University of London), Malet Street, London WC1.

The first home fixture for this prestigious event built on the runaway success of the first two Terrastock festivals, which were held in Rhode Island and in San Francisco, USA during 1997 and '98 respectively.

The three-day festival was conceived in a similar spirit of adventure and co-operation in order to celebrate the music championed by the long-running independent fanzine The Ptolemaic Terrascope. This time we were pleased to be associated with our good friends at Dreamy Records and Rocket Girl, and with the added bonus of this being the first Terrastock on home turf, it was even bigger and if possible even better than in previous years.

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Below you'll find a schedule for the festival. Many of these bands made their UK debut at Terrastock!


Other Performers

There was a third stage area where people could sign up for and do their own spontaneous sets or weird collaborations. Audience members could come and check out the list and see their favourite bands twice - or just enjoy the total non-organisation of it all. Performers on this stage included Pat Orchard, Warser Gate w/ Steve Hanson (doing "Can of Stella Overdrive"), Staff Party (with members of Fuxa, Azusa Plane, Azalia Snail, Piano Magic, Warser Gate, and a guest spot from John the stage manager), Petrocat (Nick and Debbie Saloman), Autumn Leaves, Jamie Owen, Brendan (of Abunai) and Carl (of Windy), Lothars and Carl, Bevis Frond and Friends (Saloman, Shaw, various Alchemysts and ROD GOODWAY), and Tom Rapp with Prydwyn. Whew!


  • Tickets:
    Rocket Girl

  • Festival Management and Accommodation Queen:
    Kate Saunders
  • Artist Liaison:
    Tracy Lee Jackson
  • Programme, Publicity, Merchandising:
    Matt Dornan

    Press and Promotion:

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