Terrastock West

Hello, and welcome to TERRASTOCK II, also known as TERRASTOCK WEST, the Left Coast Ptolemaic Perambulation.

Terrastock II took place the weekend of April 17-19 of 1998, at the Custer Avenue Stages, 1598 Custer Ave., at Rankin. Custer Ave is in India Basin between Army and Evans, two blocks west of Third, in San Francisco USA.

Terrastock II built on the runaway success of the first Ptolemaic Terrascope music festival, which was held in Rhode Island during April 1997, and arranged in conjuction with with Mysterioso Productions and Flydaddy Records. The three-day West Coast event was conceived in a similar spirit of peace, love and co-operation in order to celebrate the music championed by the long-running magazine The Ptolemaic Terrascope. This time we were pleased to be associated with our good friends Danno Booking and Aquarius Records, and the festival proved to be even bigger and better than last time.

Below you'll find the list of performers, including several who travelled not only across America but from overseas as well.

Terrastock II Schedule

Two 4:00 PM Brother JT (Solo)
One 4:30 PM 50 Foot Hose
Two 5:30 PM The Azusa Plane
One 6:15 PM Roy Montgomery
Two 7:00 PM Grimble Grumble
One 7:45 PM Kendra Smith
Two 8:30 PM Major Stars
One 9:15 PM Mountain Goats
One 10:00 PM Alastair Galbraith
Two 10:45 PM Mick Farren & the Deviants
One 11:30 PM Bevis Frond
Two 12:45 AM Medicine Ball
Two 11:00 AM V Majestic
One Noon Windy & Carl
Two 1:15 PM Young Fresh Fellows
One 2:00 PM Damon & Naomi
One 2:45 PM Masaki Batoh & Michio Kurihara of Ghost
Two 3:30 PM Tom Rapp
Two 4:15 PM Stone Breath
One 5:00 PM Neutral Milk Hotel
One 6:30 - 7:45 PM The Olivia Tremor Control
One 11:45 AM Elf Power
One 12:30 PM The Loud Family
Two 1:15 PM Primordial Undermind
One 2:00 PM Alva
Two 2:45 PM Loren Mazzacane Connors
One 3:30 PM Green Pajamas
Two 4:15 PM Spaceheads
One 5:00 PM Silver Apples
Two 5:45 PM Alchemysts
One 6:30 PM Pelt
Two 7:15 PM SubArachnoid Space
One 8:00 PM Cul de Sac
Two 8:45 PM The Lothars
One 9:30 PM Bardo Pond
Two 10:15 PM Clockbrains
One 11:00 PM Mudhoney
One 11:45 PM Brother JT & Vibrolux

Contact Information

Tickets were available at:
         Aquarius Records

Music Director:
         Kathy Harr
Festival Sponsor:
         Phil McMullen
Press and Promotion:

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