"Happy go lucky - or what?" read's Nick Saloman's hand written caption for the lead photo in our Galaxie 500 interview from 1990, to which the correct answer turned out to be "What". Galaxie 500 were on the point of breaking up, very messily it has to be said, at the end of this UK tour. I don't think Dean Wareham and Damon and Naomi even spoke to one another, civilly or otherwise, for years afterwards. When photographer Mike Ware (husband of future Ptolemaic Terrascope artist-in-residence Davina Ware) and myself met up with them in Bristol though they were charm personified, and little did I know it but Damon and Naomi were to subsequently become close family friends as well as stalwarts of the Terrastock festivals. (Phil McMullen, November 2009)


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