Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who do we send our recordings to for you to review?

2. Can we sent you a copy of our electronic press kit?

3. How does our band get to play one of your shows?

4. What's happening with the magazine these days?


Frequently Questioned Answers



Who do we send our recordings to for you to review?

Firstly, take a moment to look around this site. A passing familiarity at least with the types of bands we tend to cover in our reviews columns is usually a good indication that we'll be interested in what you're doing.

If you're sure you have something that's likely to be right up our street (and you'd be surprised at what is sometimes!), then here's where to send things to:



Attn. Simon Lewis,

Terrascope Online Reviews Editor

63 Millers Close


Herefordshire HR6 8BP



e-mail: Simon Lewis   reviews(at)terrascope(dot)co(dot)uk


Alternatively, if you'd particularly like Phil McMullen's opinion, then by all means feel free to contact him direct:


Attn. Phil McMullen

Terrascope Online

37 Sandridge Road


Wiltshire SN12 7BQ



e-mail: Phil McMullen


  2. Can we sent you a copy of our electronic press kit?

Unfortunately, no. The simple fact is, we have to draw the line somewhere. We'd go mad otherwise, trying to keep up with all the exciting new sounds out there. Consequently, I have taken an executive decision and concluded, rightly or wrongly, that the line we draw here at the Terrascope divides aesthetics. The way a CD or a single or better still an LP looks and feels and smells. The care and attention which has gone into the artwork and the packaging. It's usually a safe bet that if a band or artist has that right, then a similar level of passion will have been poured into the music as well. Besides which, I see our job here as representing the people who put their faith in what we recommend - and it's difficult to recommend something to someone, who is going to spend their hard earned cash on a product, when you only have the music to go by.

I know they say never to judge a book by it's cover, but how many book critics are there out there who review books electronically? Who work solely from an electronic document on screen? Very very few, I'd wager; and that's because the acid test is being able to become lost in whatever one is reading or listening to. And I'm sorry, but one simply can't do that from an electronic press kit.

If I'm wrong, then we miss out on a lot of great music. Never mind. There's a hell of a lot of other no doubt very excellent writers out there. Probably much better and far more influential than we are.

So, I'm sorry: but no blogs, MP3s, MySpace links, EPKs or downloads will be considered for review. But we do love to receive beautifully packaged little works of art, so it could well be that we'll be hearing from you again soon in any case.



How does our band get to play one of your shows?


Phil hand picks bands to play each Terrastock festival himself, often over a year ahead of schedule.


Terrastock festivals are billed as "a celebration of Terrascopic music". At no time in the past has a band performed at Terrastock who hasn't previously been written about or featured in the Terrascope, either online or in the magazine. Your first move therefore is to follow Step 1 (above)


You then need to make sure your band is firmly on Phil's own radar. It's recommended that you contact him direct (via the email address shown above) stating your case. Posting a comment on MySpace isn't enough. In fact, MySpace (and electronic press kits generally) are probably best avoided altogether. The Terrascope is very keen on the aesthetics of popular music - we love vinyl, tolerate CDs, and particularly admire bands and artists who have an understanding of the role the visual arts play in the appreciation of music. There simply aren't enough hours in the day to click on the links of every website we're directed towards - so if you love music as we love music, wrap it up in a nice little package and send it along for us to share and enjoy.


The selection criteria for the TEA parties is a little less rigorous, although again since they are showcases for "terrascopic" music it stands to reason that bands and artists will be familiar names from amongst the music we cover.


What's happening with the magazine these days?


Since 2005, The Ptolemaic Terrascope Magazine has been an entirely separate entity to Terrascope Online, edited and published in the U.S.A. by Pat Thomas.


The first issue under the new regime, Issue 36, was published in September 2007.


Any current subscriptions at the time of the final UK issue, issue 35, were honoured by the new publishers. They are not however accepting new subscriptions or subscription renewals.


Items for review consideration should be sent to the following address.


Attn. Pat Thomas

Editor, The Ptolemaic Terrascope Magazine

PO Box 18841,

Oakland, CA 94619-8841

United States of America


e-mail: normalsf(at)earthlink(dot)net